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The Week in Bites 16th November 2014

The Week in Bites 16th November 2014

A meeting with chef Ludo Lefebvre, a day at the Katsuura fish in Japan, an examination of the body's circadian rhythm and more.

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An Interview with Ludo Lefebvre

This week on Fine Dining Lovers we spoke with the French born chef Ludo Lefebvre about his exciting career and the relaunch of his first ever cookbook, Crave: A Feats for the Five Senses.

The chef discussed his early career and what it was like to travel to LA and cook French food in Hollywood.

He also discussed the evolution that’s taken place across the American dining landscape and told us how happy he is that American’s no longer cook just for Thanksgiving.

A Day at the Fish Market

We spent an exiting day at the Katsura fish market in Japan’s Kii Peninsula. A place were buyers from all over Japan come to attned the lively auctions and buy some of the best fish on the planet.

We took a tour of this lively market while the auction was in full swing, taking in the atmosphere of the daily event.

We spoke with the manager of the market who has witnessed fish stocks half in 33 years, he explained his fears that they may one day dry up all together.

Also this week

We examined ‘circadian rhythm’ - the body’s internal biological clock and how food can influence our efficiency.

We explored the world of urban gardening with a wonderful picture gallery and we brought you a wonderful breakdown on Vegan Thanksgiving.

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