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The Week in Bites<br>16th December 2012
Photo Sergio Coimbra

The Week in Bites
16th December 2012

An Italian year of culture in America, can food be art? and a trip to the De Libre restaurant in Holland to meet Johnny and Thérèse Boer

By FDL on

Food as Art

This week on Fine Dining Lovers we examined the question, can food be art? Looking at the food photographer Sergio Coimbra's latest exhibition at the Basque culinary centre in San Sebastian.

We looked at a selection of Coimbra's latest works in which he presents plates of food as culinary art masterpieces. It's a personal quest from the photographer to show the world that food in the right light, setting and arrangement can be viewed as art similar to the likes of Pollock and Picasso.

It's an interesting and ongoing debate in the culinary world and one that leads to a number of varying opinions. What do you think? Take a look at these wonderful pictures from Coimbra and let us know your thoughts.

Mr and Mrs Boer

From Spain we travelled to Holland to meet the dynamic husband and wife duo Johnny and Thérèse Boer who run the De Libre restaurant in Holland.

With three Michelin stars this is an exciting look behind the scenes of one of the world's best restaurants and an insight into what it takes to create a truly magical dining experience.

Johnny took FDL through his magnificent green house where he can lay his hands on almost every fresh ingredient he needs and took us through the process involved in bringing water to life to make vegetables grow stronger, healthier and taste better.

It's a journey into the kitchen and life of a great team who work relentlessly everyday to refine the dining experience they offer to customers who visit from around the world.

An Italian Year in America

Finishing the week we brought you the exciting news that 2013 will mark the beginning of an Italian year of culture throughout America.

Arts, language, sciences, next generations, taste, territory and music will all be explored as Americans put down the burgers in place of pastas, fresh ingredients and that quintessential Italian style.
Frescobaldi, S.Pellegrino, Donnafugata, and the Italian chef Massimo Bottura will all take part in hosting events to express true Italian nature across America - an exciting event that we can't wait to report on.

In the Blog

We brought you burgers as you've never seen them before, more news on Ferran Adria's Bullipedia project and a look at some coffee that could set you back $11,000.

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