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The Week In Bites<br>14th October 2012

The Week In Bites
14th October 2012

This week we posed the FDL Bare Fridge Challenge to Thomas Keller, introduced you to a man known as the ''food hunter'' and explored the exciting world of pasta

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Thomas Keller's Bare Fridge Challenge

This week we posed our Bare Fridge Challenge to Thomas Keller, owner of the acclaimed restaurants French Laundry and Per Se. We wondered what the famous chef would cook with just some rice, cabbage, an egg and pepper.

The chef revealed he loves eggs and detailed the exact way in which he'd like to prepare it. No surprise given his love of technique and precise cooking methods.

We love this game because it challenges chefs to conjure dishes based on the same four ingredients. So far, we've asked René Redzepi and British chef Heston Blumenthal to take The Bare Fridge Challenge. Who will be next? Stay tuned to find out...

The Food Hunter: A Job To Envy

From America we traveled to Italy to meet Riccardo Uleri, otherwise known as ''the food hunter.'' There is no denying that his job is an enviable one. Who wouldn't want to travel the world discover new flavors and ingredients of the highest quality?

Uleri aims to hunt down the most refined food on the planet through his company Longino&Cardenal. His finds have included George Bruck foie gras, Kenmare salmon and Weiss chocolate.

But perhaps what he is most proud of is a discovery he made in Spain: Jamón Iberico de Bellota Guijuelo-Blàzquez. As he explained in his own words: ''I’m proud to say that I was the first to import it to Italy.”

When you read all about Uleri's adventures you many find you have an uncontrollable urge to drop what you are doing and follow in his footsteps.

All About Pasta

We wrapped up the week with a big appetite for pasta, the world's most beloved food. We wondered what makes pasta so good, why kids love it and how to make the perfect fresh pasta.

Once we dove in the pasta universe, we found all sorts of fun answers to our questions. For instance, did you know Americans eat a quarter of all the pasta produced in the world? Or that you could use math to calculate the perfect pasta shape?

People do all sorts of things with pasta, even make airplanes out of it. But there is no doubt the best way to enjoy pasta is to eat it. That's why we love the recipes from the Simili sisters - two siblings who hail from Bologna, Italy. The Simili sisters are known for making amazing pasta and these video lessons prove it.

In the blog

This week could be described as a chef roller coaster ride. We brought you news of how you can win an exclusive $250,000 dinner prepared by stellar chefs in your own home, a peek at a Q&A session with Mario Batali and the controversy surrounding Nigella Lawson after she criticized French cuisine.

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