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The Week in Bites 13th July 2014

The Week in Bites 13th July 2014

An interview with Lidia Bastianich, an important meeting looking at the future of the sommelier profession, a trip to Japan and celebrities drinking tea.

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The Secret of Italian Food

This week on Fine Dining Lovers we met the Italian born, American based, Lidia Bastianich for an interview about her life experiences and what it was like moving to America as a small Italian girl in 1958.

Bastianich has become an ambassador for Italian food in America and also worked to develop young culinary talent as the judge on Junior Masterchef in Italy.

She spoke about some of her favourite recipes, her memories about moving to America and why she thinks Italian food is just so popular around the world.

The New Era of Sommellerie

From here we travelled to the Champagne region of France for a very important meeting organised by the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale.

The association gathered 14 of the best sommeliers in the world who met to discuss their profession and how it may develop in the future.

The meeting focused on a number of topics, all linked to the idea of enhancing the sommelier profession in the future and was an interesting look at what we might expect to see from sommeliers in years to come.

Also this week

We took a look at Japan's kaiseki tradition of small plates rooted in nature and how this particular style of cuisine is influencing modern dining in Japan.

We also brought you a great gallery of celebrities enjoying a nice refreshing cup of tea - a sort of celebriTea gallery of goodness - you’ll be surprised at just how many celebs enjoy a brew.

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