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The Week in Bites<br>13th April 2014

The Week in Bites
13th April 2014

A trip to Milan for a special cooking performance, a look at how to marinade meat and a report from Wylie Dufresne's surprise in New York.

By FDL on

Live From Milan

This week on Fine Dining Lovers we came live from Milan where S.Pellegrino hosted a special stage of seven of the best chefs in Italy, each cooking an iconic dish using spaghetti.

We were at the event as the chefs took to the large stage and showed off their skills to a hungry public eager to sample their dishes.

We spoke with each of the chefs involved and also brought you videos immediately after each performance, enjoy this real taste of Italy.

Appliance of Science

We also took a look at the science of marinading meat and the wonderful effect it can have on flavour when cooking.

We listed a great selection of tips and scientific secrets for making the perfect marinade at home and broke down exactly what happens when meat is marinaded.

The piece focused on using wine, aroma and balancing the acidic elements of a marinade and is a great resource if you want to make your meat tastier and more tender.

In the Blog

29 of the world’s best chefs were in New York this week to surprise the American chef Wylie Dufresne.

The event, organised by Gelinaz!, was a secret operation that involved over a year of planning, clandestine meetings and fake phone calls.

FDL were there for it all and brought you the entire story plus a great video revealing a surprised and bemused Dufresne.

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