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The Week in Bites <br> 12th January 2014

The Week in Bites
12th January 2014

A refreshing look at the world of tea, an interview with the director of the Roca Brothers el Somni and vegan cheeses explained.

By FDL on

A Trip for Tea

With tea tipped to be one of the biggest beverage trends in 2014 this week we took a look at tea from a number of angles.

From a list of 26 interesting facts to wi-fi operated kettles and a guide for producing the perfect afternoon tea.

Don't forget to take a look at one of the world's most dangerous treks, all for tea.

The Off-the-Plate Architect

We also sat down with the multidisciplinary artist Franc Aleu. We discussed his work with the Roca Brothers on their recent culinary opera el Somni and what he thinks the next developments in sensory dining experiences will be.

Aleu is an interesting person who works at the forefront of audio and visual technology. In this interview he explains what it was like to work with the owners of the world's best restaurant and why he thinks the el Somni project was so important.

We also looked ahead to the future as Aleu explained that he would like to create new projects that pushed diners even further down the rabbit hole.

Vegan Cheeses

With a curious eye we took a look at the growing movement surrounding vegan cheeses and just how they're made.

It's a fascinating look at a new food movement that has been directly affected by the growing number of consumers looking for vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

The piece includes some suggestions on good books to buy if you want to explore the world of vegan cheese further.

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