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The Week in Bites | 12th August 2012

The Week in Bites | 12th August 2012

A trip to meet the makers of Coconut Water, a look at Mesamerica, the cultural curry shift taking place in Britain and an elBulli wine auction

By FDL on

The Coconut Kings
This week we started with a tropical feel as we visited the Justin Guilbert and Douglas Riboud the team behind Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.

FDL spoke with the duo about their idea, how they conceived it and how they managed to finally execute their plan. Harmless Harvest's coconut water is one of the first commercially available drinks of its kind and that's something the pair are certainly proud of.

We discussed the concept and how the basis of their company came from a passion to promote positive consumerism and natural capitalism. It's an interesting interview with a very interesting partnership.

The Mexican Food Summit.
Mesamerica, the first large scale Food Summit took place in Mexico at the end of July and FDL were there to listen to what some of the chefs and speakers had to say.

This week we brought you a round up of some of the biggest themes and topics discussed during the event. From discussions on the rise of Mexican cuisine around the world to presentations on decomposition from the Nordic Food lab - the summit was a huge success with many interesting topics discussed.

A Cultural Curry Shift
We sat down with the Indian born chef Atul Kochhar. A man who has worked in England throughout his career and seen the way curry and it's culture has developed, Atul sat down with FDL to discuss how he feels the British Palate is now changing.

The chef believes that after many years consuming Anglicized and watered down versions of traditional Indian curries the British are now starting to appreciate authentic Indian food and distinguish between the many of varieties of curry available throughout the different regions of India.

The chef talked about South Indian curry houses in London that have now earned Michelin stars and how he has personally seen a cultural shift in the British attitude towards curry.

Also this week
We took a trip to Paris to look at the new rise of food trucks and where to find some of the best. Brought you the news that Ferran Adria will be selling around 10,000 bottles of wine from the elBulli cellar and in anticipation of this sale we also brought you an infograph on how to choose wine.

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