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The Week in Bites 04th July 2015

The Week in Bites 04th July 2015

The sounds of tastes, how to store food correctly to make it last longer and the use of Chinese tea in cuisine.

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The Sound of Taste 
This week we had an interesting look at how the world of sound can affect the way different people perceive certain foods. 
Food Storage 
Storing food correctly seems like a very basic task but it is in fact one of those things that if you learn a few basic tricks lots of your ingredients will stay fresher and last longer. 
This week we decided to tackle the issue of food waste with a simple guide that offers up 25 different tips on how to keep everything from oily fish to garlic fresh for much longer than you’re used to. 
See the full list of food storage tips here. 
Chinese Tea in Cuisine
This week we also looked at the use of tea in Chinese cuisine with a unique trip to Le Passage Mohkan Shan, in China Zhejiang Province, a family-run former tea plantation in a hill station about two hours from Shanghai.
Now home to a luxury hotel, we met with the family behind the project and heard about how the restaurant on site is now making use of tea in a number of their dishes. 
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