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Bites from Taste of London 2013

A roundup from the 2013 Taste of London food festival with a look at some of the winning dishes and a discovery from the French chef Alexis Gauthier.

By FDL on

This year's Taste of London was yet another four days packed with delectable delights and discovery. Thousands of people attended the food festival in Regent's Park to enjoy great weather and even greater food.

40 of London's best restaurants were on hand to offer dishes to the public. The L'autre restaurant was voted as offering the best dish at taste with their Scallop Ceviche.

Speaking of ceviche their was an obvious increase in the Latin American influence with a number of producers offering Latin American products from wines to coffee and the young chef Virgilio Martinez on the stand at his Lima restaurant.

FDL went in hunt for the rise of young British chefs and managed to grab Magnus Nillson for a great interview about his latest book project. We were also lucky enough to sample a pizza making masterclass with the Pizza Pilgrims and dine on some of Alexis Gauthier's Vegetronic Cuisine.

Gauthier had two stands at the festival. One was offering dishes from his Soho restaurant while the other was a special dining area offered to guests by S.Pellegrino. Here diners were given the chance to sit down and enjoy an entire meal prepared by Gauithier.

Speaking about the event Gauthier told Fine Dining Lover, "The weekend was amazing - the greatest thing was to meet lots of foodies who were very interested and willing to try our food.  

"For us this is the key to coming here - we love to show what we're doing to new people. Working with S.Pellegrino has been a real eye opener - looking at what they've been doing and their research into water and food pairing has really opened my eyes to the importance of water. So when I do certain dishes like the asparagus cooked in beef jus it works really great with the water.

"I found most that the water really helps us to enhance the flavor of a dish that we make with chic peas. When I go back to the restaurant I will tell the sommelier to explain that by drinking this water with the dish it can extend the flavor for longer and extended flavor is an important thing for me."

Water and wine tasting, a Sparkling Fruit Beverage Orangery, a fully fitted British Airways plane in the centre of the park, chefs from all the world and thousands of hungry revelers ready to sample the best of London.

The video above is a nice look at some of the S.Pellegrino events taking place during the event.

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