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Tasha Marks' Decadent Desserts
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Tasha Marks' Decadent Desserts

Meet Tasha Marks, a food historian specialising in decadent desserts who started her career in food with jellymonger extraordinaires Bomparr & Parr.

By FDL on

Since its founding in 2011, Animal Vegetable Mineral (AVM Curiosities) has been exploring the relationship between art and food, through a series of high calibre events and edible interventions. Its practice is heavily influenced by history, with diverse interests ranging from 16th century cabinets of curiosity to 1930’s medicinal cookery.

Founder, Tasha Marks, a food historian specialising in decadent desserts, started her career in food with jellymonger extraordinaires, Bompas & Parr, where she honed her eye for unexpected and inventive, edible creations. Her recent forays with projects such as her ‘Toxic Treats’ exhibition for House of Wolf explored Britain's long history of fraudulent foodstuffs, including edible examples such as her own take on ‘Fake Coffee Beans’ made from chocolate and chicory. Other recent creations include; Inhalable Cakes, Funeral Biscuits, Edible Antique Prints and Biblical Chocolate infused with gold, frankincense and myrrh. The aim of Animal Vegetable Mineral is to create a moment of wonder, a contemporary cabinet of curiosity that’s silly and cerebral in equal measure. We hope you’ll join us on their edible adventure.

If you were a dish, which one would you be?
An Elizabethan sugar sculpture or a full English breakfast…

Something you always have in your fridge? Food dye and milk.

The perfect taste…
Something fragrant yet complex.

Which is your favorite food subject?
Sugar, chocolate, confectionary and all things sweet.

The most appetizing photo you've taken?
There’s a particular close up of my Last Supper chocolate taken by Paul Singer that I really love.

The dish to die for…
Anything made by Ivan Day.


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