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Table Manners vs Difficult Food: How to Eat Sushi | Video

Enjoying sushi and makis the correct way can be a little daunting, how many bites are allowed? And which way do you dip? Find out in this video!

By FDL on

Sushi is one of the world's most eaten food, but it's also one of the most difficult to eat: although it tastes so delicious, using chopsticks and dipping a maki into the soy sauce can turn into a nightmare!

That's why FDL has brought you this simple tutorial on how to eat sushi - you'll never get it wrong again with these simple steps.

You'll never ask for fork and knife, divide a sushi roll or dip the rice with this helpful lesson, the second in a series about how to eat difficult food and if you don't know how to manage a bowl of pasta, don't miss FDL's video tutorial about how to eat spaghetti.

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