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Street Food: a Gourmet Makeover in Progress
Photo Sergio Coimbra / Studio SC

Street Food: a Gourmet Makeover in Progress

A taste of some of the best street foods in the world and where they can be found. FDL also examine how street food is currently undergoing a gourmet makeover

By FDL on

In his bestselling book and foodie bible Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain asked his fellow chefs what they would eat as their last dinner. In their answers, there was no trace of luxury foods or super-expensive ingredients: most of the chefs questioned said that they’d choose simple, popular foods as their last meal. 

«Fish and chips with a cold beer!», said one. Or «Jimmy’s sandwich from the bar downstairs», or else «Tapas, just like my grandfather used to make them!» And this should come as no surprise: dishes like pizza, kebabs, a package of fish and chips or even a simple sandwich have reached an almost iconic status. These are dishes we could define as “glocal” because, while they might have their origins in a specific territory with which they still maintain a strong tie, they have now become part of the world’s global menu. Perfect examples of low-cost, nourishing, flavourful street food, these dishes can also be transformed into refined and expensive dishes when interpreted by creative and talented chefs.

Take the way fish and chips are served in the pub owned by Guy Ritchie, at the price of £75. When you know the right addresses, it’s not unusual to run into celebrities, food bloggers or expert gourmands when waiting for one of these delicacies – it makes no difference whether they’re served in a simple eatery, a food truck on the corner or a proper restaurant: few people can resist the allure – and taste – of glocal food. And if you too have a weakness for these beloved dishes, we’ll tell you where to find the best falafel in Paris (according to the food blogger David Lebovitz)how to identify and prepare a perfect sandwich, and for those who love kebabs, we’ll show you the new ways its being interpreted.

And who could forget Italy’s classic street food? If you’re planning a trip to Naples, don’t miss our suggestions for a perfect, authentically gourmet pizza tour of the city that created it.

Homepage picture by Sergio Coimbra

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