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Silvia Badalotti: Food as Design
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Silvia Badalotti: Food as Design

Forget the white backgrounds and soft focus lenses: the Italian photographer has created her very own style

By FDL on

Imaginative and creative, Silvia Badalotti is a photographer whose success comes from her unpredictable style. Her shots all come after an intense and personal, cultural and artistic research, that often puts emphasis on food.

Today, we present you with a few exclusive images from her project, Black Book Food, that you’ll find in the gallery together with ten questions aimed at getting acquainted with the foodie aspect of this photographer and artist.

Silvia, what is the first taste you remember, and why?
The little packets of “Frizzy Pazzy” and that unique sensation of when they pop and fizz in your mouth.

What is your comfort food?
Well-cooked spaghetti with oil and lots of Parmigiano.

If you were a dish, which one would you be?
I’d be panna cotta (Editor’s note: an Italian dessert made with cooked cream and sugar).

What would food would you happily die eating?
Mille-feuille dessert, but the packaged kind by Vicenzi.

What's the ultimate taste?
The filling of pumpkin ravioli: pumpkin from Mantua, amaretti, apple mostarda and grated apricot pits – but this is a secret.

The first picture you took
A portrait of a classmate of mine.

The first “real” photocamera you had
A Nikon F4.

When a food picture hits the mark?
When you can sense the consistency.

If your photography was a dish, which one would it be?
A mixed sushi plate.

Make a wish: who or what you’d like to portrait?
All of the colours that exist in nature.

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