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Salvador Dalì's Catalan Cuisine and Vision

Salvador Dalì's Catalan Cuisine and Vision

Dalì remembers what he saw in his mother's womb, mainly the food, discover his love and passion for good Catalan food

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Unruly, eccentric, excessive, ravenous like all geniuses. He was a painter, writer, illustrator, scenographer, jewelry and furniture designer. Salvador Dalì was one of the pillars of Surrealism, the movement of free self-expression without the filter of reason. He had a great imagination and was known for always attracting attention.

In his text, Unconfessed Confessions, he stressed how life was to him “gastronomic, spermatic, and existential”. His love for food never left him alone, it lived in him even before his birth: “My readers probably don’t remember, or vaguely, the very important period before birth, inside their mother’s womb. But I do; as if it were yesterday. […] Even at the time, my eyes were my guide, in them resided all my pleasure, enchantment, and the most impressive sight was that of scrambled eggs, without the pan; this probably disturbed me for life.” (from Secret Life)
Eggs, spaghetti, fish, ducks, cheese, porkchops, escargot, chocolate, he liked all of them. Apparently the famous painting of the clocks was inspired by the Camembert, and the portrait of a fried bacon was a souvenir from the States. Dalì even drew the menus of restaurants, this shows you how closely the Catalan artist was tied with food.

Spaghetti Dalì Style
Spaghetti, parsley, sage, basil, tuna, olive oil, salt, anchovies, garlic.

Boil the spaghetti. Clean the parsley and let it fry with sage and basil. Drain the tuna and cut it in piece, add the anchovies and the herbs.
Fry the garlic in olive oil add it to the mixture and let it cook slowly for a few minutes. Drain the spaghettis, put everything in one bowl and add the sauce.

This story is taken from the book Tacuinum dè Eccellentissimi, ali&no publisher.

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