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Fine Dining Unexpected: S.Pellegrino 'Street Dine' Experiences

The finest dinner you can desire, served in the most unexpected setting you can think of: that's the mix proposed by the S.Pellegrino Street Dine experiences

By FDL on

Imagine you could have the finest dinner you desire, served in the most unexpected setting you can imagine: that's the mix proposed by the Street Dine concept launched by S.Pellegrino Denmark that explores the idea of 'guerilla fine dining' by removing the dinner table from its traditional environment and setting it up in alternative public locations - each time involving innovation and surprising contexts.

To partecipate Street Dine people have to come up with unusual and original place for a fine dine experience and it can be wherever they want, on a raft in the middle of the sea or on the grass field of a stadium. It’s all up to the contestants and their creativity to win the dinner.

Every month a winner is selected: the Street Dine team will arrange a complete fine dining setup at the winning location, that will host a gourmet dinner for two prepared by chef Nicolai Mentzler. There will be candlelight and of course S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna on the table.

Three different dinners have already been arranged: the last one on the cold surface of an ice skating rink (as you can see in the video at the top of the page), while the first two dining experience have been set close to the sharks and in the crowded platform of Copenhagen's metro.

Dining with the Sharks: S.Pellegrino Street Dine Vol.2

Dining in the Metro: S.Pellegrino Street Dine Vol.1

For any further information visit the Street Dine website or the Street Dine on Facebook.

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