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Taste S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2019 in 16 Dishes

Taste S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2019 in 16 Dishes

Feast your eyes on a selection of stunning dishes served during this year's haute cuisine food festival in Switzerland.

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The 13th edition of the haute cuisine food festival, S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino has come to a close for another star studded year following a spectacular series of dinners held in the lakeside Canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

The annual gourmet festival concluded with a final farewell party on 16 June creating the natural conclusion to the illustrious line-up of lakeside dinners and star-studded chef events which opened on 8 April.

Twenty chefs with 22 Michelin stars between them, including culinary giants like Andre Jaeger, Franck Giovannini and Martin Dalsass, presented 20 formal dinners in luxury lakeside venues, dazzling their guests in characteristic style.

This year's event featured home grown talent in partnership with Les Grandes Tables de Suisse and chef of the year Heiko Nieder, highlighting the strength of the Swiss gastronomic scene.  A country which is experiencing a rise in Michelin starred restaurants (see this year's Michelin guide) as well as boasting some of the world's finest chefs.

Dany Stauffacher, festival patron explained,  "Swiss cuisine deserved a stage of excellence to tell itself to the public in all its wonder and we are proud to offer it to them, " and it only takes a tour of the dishes below to discover why.

2019 Edition in Dishes

Chef Massimiliano Sena

Roasted scampi, variations of vegetables, salicornia and lemon bisque

Chef Egidio Iadonisi

Fake truffle, egg in mushroom crust, cream of snow peas

Chef Didier de Courten

Tomatoes cylinders of St.Pierre and lacquered , black caviar pearls, purple peppers and crunchy laces, with velvety with real herbs


Chef Domenico Ruberto

Babà, citrus consistencies, candied apple and alpine ice cream

Chef Martin Dalsass

Cappellacci, king crab, fennel, oranges


Chef Franck Giovannini

Grilled veal filet mignon with peas and small fava beans, light cream of vin de Voile


Chef Andre Jaeger

Pineapple with Grand Marnier, minute ice cream, caramel nuts


Chef Peter Knogl

Roastbeef of Wagyu, shallot vinaigrette, okra


Chef Marco Sacco


Chef Heiko Nieder

Crab, goose fois gras, mango, seaweed and Vadouvan


Chef Bernard and Guy Ravet

Fresh vegetables from the garden, sparkling broth of basil


Chef Bernadette Lisibach

Zander slice of Constance lake, peas, chives


Chef Stephane Decotterd

Saint-Légier beef tartare ravioli, Siberian Osciétre caviar , cucumber jelly and juniper


Chef Enrico Bartolini

Scampo bigné


Chef Andrea Levratto

Shellfish salad, tomato cream, wasabi, basil flavored oil and frisella crumble


Top image: Burlat cherries and Grand Cru chocolate, like a black forest with spruce buds/ Chef Stephane Decotterd

All images courtesy of S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2019

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