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S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2018 in 8 Dishes

S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino 2018 in 8 Dishes

Have a look at these delicious dishes prepared by some of the international top chefs that took part this year's events in Switzerland.

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The 2018 edition of S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino came to a spectacular close on 17 June with a final party: in total more than 20 Michelin stars aligned for more than 20 events in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland, representing their culinary traditions in gourmet dishes.

An amazing line-up of international chefs joined in the celebrations at this year’s Ticino festival: Paolo Casagrande (Lasarte restaurant in Barcelona), Michael Kempf (Facil restaurant in Berlin),Rico Zandonella (Rico's restaurant in Küsnacht), Andrea Migliaccio (Capri Hotel Palace restaurant in Capri), Tomaž Kavcic (Pri Lojezutu restaurant in Vipava), Giacomo Gaspari (Diamonds Thudufushi restaurant in Maldive), Wicky Priyan (Wicky’s Wicuisine restaurant in Milano), Søren Selin (AOC restaurant in København), Emmanuel Renaut (Flocon de Sel restaurant in Megève) and many more.

Once again, S.Pellegrino Sapori Ticino organized a special evening dedicated to young chefs who were recognised during the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 competition. David Wälti (winner of Switzerland S.Pellegrino Young Chef),  Diego della Schiava (Swiss finalist), and Edoardo Fumagalli (winner of the Italian final of S.Pellegrino Young Chef) gathered at Lugano’s panoramic restaurant Seven, where they joined the resident chef Claudio Bollini to create a special menu.

2018 Edition in Dishes

We made a selection of some of the most delicious dishes served during the event. Enjoy this selection mouthwatering of pictures!

Aurora Mazzucchelli

Aurora Mazzucchelli/Quail, carrot, honey mayonnaise and mustard seeds.

Giacomo Gaspari

Giacomo Gaspari/Indian Ocean coconut milk soup, lobster skewer and burnt bananas.


Tomaž Kavčič

Tomaž Kavčič/Marinated anchovies served on orange butter


Michael Kempf

Michael Kempf/Stones, apricot, Jivara chocolate and Sansho flowers 


Emmanuel Renaut

Emmanuel Renaut/ Hand cut scampi marinated in cedar and white nettle, Emmanuel Renaut's caviar selection flavored with grapefruit and shaved gentian roots.

Wicky Priyan

Wicky Priyan/ Kyo-Matcha- matcha tea biscuit, creamy matcha, yuzu jelly.

Rico Zandonella

Rico Zandonella/Red mullet, beetroot tabouleh , corriander and mango.

Mattias Roock

Mattias Roock/Our yuzu, pistachio yogurt ice cream.


All images by Rémy Steinegger

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