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Rogerio Fasano: An Italian Family Saga in Brazil

Rogerio Fasano: An Italian Family Saga in Brazil

The Brazilian Chef's family history goes back to the beginning of the last century with tales of one of the first Italian restaurants in South America.

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Building upon the fame of his family's restaurant Fasano in São Paulo, one of the oldest Italian restaurants in South America, Rogerio is now putting his own flavor to Italian Cuisine in Brazil.  A ‘guru’ of Brazilian hospitality, he is not only a restaurateur, but also a gourmand and wine connoisseur. Definitely a man with contemporary ideas and classic taste. He learned the profession from his grandfather at an early age: “It was natural for me, I was born in this business”.

The first two requirements to work for him are passion and commitment. “Everything else you can learn”, he says. According to Fasano, true restaurateurs are a ‘species in danger of extinction’. “Attention to all details is our motto. I am an owner of hotels who believes that the owner should be always present.” Therefore, he divides his time between his many businesses, and his workaholic nature mixes duties with pleasure: “I am my most demanding guest! My best and my most difficult guest!”.

The saga of the family Fasano could easily be mistaken for a Coppola trilogy. The Milanese great grandfather, Vittorio Fasano left Milan and opened a restaurant in Brazil in 1902 called Brasserie Paulista in the centre of São Paulo. The name later changed to Fasano and the restaurant lasted into the '30s. From that point on, the Fasano’s have seen good and bad times, coming close to ruin while building an empire, signing the family name in the history of Brazilian hospitality. Fasano’s hotels are now a world institution, quoted as some of the best in the world, yet Rogerio’s heart beats stronger for his restaurants: “I was born to be a chef, and I love to eat! All my restaurants show ‘who I am’ in the kitchen and at the dining room”.

“There is no formula for success for Fasano’s businesses, only full dedication, research, sensitivity, training and presence!” said Rogerio. “You need to know how to be classic and contemporary, understand that luxury requires simplicity and realise that less is, often, more”.

His ‘love story’ with wine began also at home with his grandfather: “It was not forbidden for us, youngsters, to try a glass of wine at home.” Fasano in Sao Paulo has just entered the list of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants at 23rd position.

When asked about the 10 commandments of the successful restaurateur he surmises all in only one: “You should love what you do!”



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