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"Ants on Noma's Table": A Video Interview with Rene Redzepi

Danish ants, the cover of Time Magazine and some advice for young chefs: FDL interviews the Danish chef Rene Redzepi in the time it takes to boil an egg

By FDL on

It's been a big year for Copenhagen's hottest chef Rene Redzepi. His cooking style and philosophy received worldwide recognition when he became one of the first chefs ever to feature on the cover of Time magazine and was chosen for a third time as the world's best restaurant at 50 Best Restaurant Awards in London.

His Danish restaurant Noma has increased in size with the building of a new test lab for research and culinary discovery and for the first time ever the chef will travel to England in July to open a Taste of Noma - a Noma themed pop-up at Claridges in London - the first time the Noma team have cooked together outside Denmark.

His second Mad Food Camp starts at the beginning of July and it seems that his philosophy of local ingredients, discovery and innovation are now mirrored in kitchens around the world. But despite all this acclaim Rene seems to have stayed grounded, always approachable, always in his restaurant and always putting forward his team over the individual.

We sat down with Rene on a visit to London to find out how he feels about this new found publicity, what's happening in the Noma kitchen right now, what advice he'd offer to young chefs and whether Noma 2 is on the horizon - all in the time it takes to boil an egg.

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