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Ramen Noodles: Facts and Figures | Infographic
Photo Hack College

Ramen Noodles: Facts and Figures | Infographic

Ramen Noodles are a traditional Japanese food now known all around the world: enjoy the great infographic shared by the Hack College team

By FDL on

Ramen Noodles are the staple diet of many people in Japan. The dish has been also a staple in American student cuisine for quite some time now, because of how inexpensive and edible it is: with such a rich history, culture and diversity they make a great topic for infographic.

When we were contacted by the team at Hack College, crazy in love with Ramen, to ask our opinion on their latest creation, we were more than happy to help. Hack College is a U.S. site with the aim of educating the students of the world about effective open source software and it was fortunate for us that one of their recent research projects involved Ramen noodles and infographs.

We hope you enjoy the infograph as much as we did and a big thanks to the guys at Hackcollege for sharing.

We Love Ramen Infographic
Created by: Hack College


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