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Piece of Cake Anyone? Food Design by Luda Galchenko
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Piece of Cake Anyone? Food Design by Luda Galchenko

A chat with Russian graphic designer Luda Galchenko about her 'Piece of Cake' still typo project: an idea that combines food styling and photography.

By FDL on

Graduated in graphic art at Moscow State University of Print Arts, designer and art director Luda Galchenko began her career in 2005. Her work involves many disciplines - from brand identity to packaging and photography - with a special angle on food art. "For me food photography is a field that combines all the essential principles of visual expression: composition, colour, texture and design.", Luda explains.

Fine Dining Lovers caught up with the Russian graphic designer to ask her more about her Piece of Cake project (shown in the gallery at the top of the page) and her approach to food.

Tell us more about Piece of Cake: where did you get the inspiration from?
Piece of Cake as a project was born in collaboration with Vladimir Chernosvitov. We were looking for a metaphor which could express an approach to a graphic communication as a mixture of different components. Seeking inspiration in contemporary still-life art and typography we decided to concentrate on combination of materials, textures and objects which in everyday life would never gos together. The core elements were chosen with a strict rules: a limited colour range using only red, whitish-green and white and a very common household ingredients.

How would you describe the role of food in your life?
There is no question that food plays a major role in life, but for me it always has been not only a question of essential needs, but more a question of art. I do not think there is any difference that artist uses as an instrument an oil paint or a four and a pepper until he creates something new. Moreover to some extend food can be more attractive as it is not only a beauty declaration, but also a promise of physical enjoyment.

As an art director, how did you approach food photography and styling?
Working with photography for restaurant and caffe brands I'm seeking a beauty in simple objects and transient nature of life endeavor to catch the individuality and soleness of a certain product. I believe that it is extremely important to preserve a playful and experimental approach even in a small aims converting it to a challenge.

Do you think food design/styling influences our tastes? How?
I'm persuaded that visual experience influence on our perception of taste as strongly as other senses like smell. All food after preparation looks more or less alike, especially if we speak about home made and rural dishes. But you can make the same dish taste differently just by changing it's serving. The art of food styling is making common thing look unusual. But what I like the most of food styling than it is camouflaging product into something absolutely different, representing entirely new impression.

What is the first taste you remember, and why?
My childhood memories about food are strongly connected with its visual aspects like colour and form, its images are more vivid comparing with taste. For instance, mandarins, one of the most popular delicatessen during the New Years eve, had fluorescent orange colour and nice pimple-bearing skin. Or sweetened condensed milk which had viscous body and glazed texture allows to make long icicle while getting it from can by spoon.

What food would you happily die eating?
The Napolion tart, which my mother use to made.

What's the ultimate taste?
Chocolate with pepper.

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