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Ten golden rules for an urban picnic
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Ten golden rules for an urban picnic

Some picnic images to illustrate rules, do's and dont's for the ultimate "alfresco" experience

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A group of Japanese architects and designers try to redefine picnic in the urban context. They wrote 15 rules: this is our top ten

1. Picnic is a social activity. Regard picnics as an informal opportunity for being together.

2. Make the most of the weather. If it's stuffy day, it's could be a chance for a night picnic with a fresh breeze. Find the right time and right place for your own picnic.

3. Every day is a picnic day.

4. On a picinic, there are no hosts and guests. In principle, everybody should offer food and drink to each other.

5. Food can be simple but should never be too easy.

6. No cooking during a picnic.

7. Be fussy about which items you bring. Consider a picnic as an expression of your lifestyle.

8. A rug is the symbol of picnics. Do not step on the rug but around it.

9. You can come and go as you like during a picnic. Do not detain anyone who intends to leave.

10. Unexpected events like rain or a bird carrying off your meal are nothing to get upset about. That's part of the fun of a picnic!

Tokyo Picnic Club was founded in 2002 by a group of Japanese architects and urban designers to celebrate the bicentennial of the founding of the London picnic club, which became popular in London from 1802. Since 2002 they have organized events, debates and artistic exhibitions to develop the social activity of the picnic in Tokyo’s public spaces.

Website Tokyo Picnic Club

Picnic: a meal taken in the open
or a meal to which each participant contributes a dish
Larousse Gastronomique, 1961

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