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A Famous Chef, An Exclusive Recipe: A 'Perfect Dish' Takes Shape | Video

An exclusive recipe from the Italian chef Davide Oldani - a dish that combines fruit, veg, tuna, curd and even savory meringue

By FDL on

The delicate approach to plating an exclusive and magical dish from the famous Italian chef Davide Oldani.

Watch as he lightly molds the curd, places savory meringue on top and covers in extract to give the dish both a unique flavor and texture.

Oldani is known for his unique approach to dish creation and presentation and has built a strong reputation for his work at his one Michelin starred D'O restaurant in Cornaredo, just outside Milan. In this quick but complex recipe, the chef manages to combine ginger, curdled milk, lime, apple and cured tuna in a dish that balances perfectly on the palate.

For those wanting to try it at home here's the recipe for Oldani's tuna mosciame with curd, "vegfruit" extract and savory meringue - enjoy!

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