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The Magic Of Chocolate: Meet Pastry Chef Frédéric Bau | Video

Pastry chef Frédéric Bau is one of the leading figures in the world of chocolate - meet him in this exclusive video interview

By FDL on

Some chefs spend their life trying to perfect a signature dishes, others may spend it working towards a culinary style and some chefs master a certain ingredient and apply it in amazing ways.

Frédéric Bau is one of those chefs who has mastered the ingredient of chocolate.  He is the head pastry chef and one of the founders of The Valrhona Chocolate School in France, his work sees him teach some of the best young pastry masters of this generation.

Passionate about any type of chocolate Bau is know for applying the ingredient to both sweet and savory dishes - his book Cooking With Chocolate is revered as one of the best resources for learning to use chocolate in the kitchen.

In this exclusive video interview Bau talks about his passion for chocolate, the school and how it runs, and why he believes that chocolate is under estimated and is a very complex ingredient to work with - one of the only ingredients that Bau believes can involve all of the senses.

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