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The National Geographic photo contest: a year of stunning images

The National Geographic photo contest: a year of stunning images

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Last month, the National Geographic has revealed the winner images of its annual photo contest.

Divided in three categories, Wildlife, People and Places, over than 10.000 images were submitted.

“The photo contest is an exciting opportunity for photographers from all corners of the globe to show us their unique perspectives on the people, places and wildlife they encounter in their own lives, said Jennifer Samuel, a National Geographic photo editor and judge for this year’s contest.

The Grand Prize went to Jassen Todorov with the image "Unreal" showing thousands of withdrawn cars sit idle at the Southern California Logistics Airport in the Mojave Desert after the issue of emissions tests cheated.

Below, you can find a selection of some of the most beautiful food inspired images chosen between the winners of the three categories and the shortlisted images. Enjoy!

FIRST PLACE - WILDLIFE "FLYING AT THE CROSSING" (photo and caption by Pim Volkers) It was early morning when I saw the wildebeests crossing Tanzania’s Mara River. The layering of dust, shade, and sun over the chaos of wildebeests kicking up water gives this picture a sense of mystique and allure. It’s almost like an old painting—I’m still compelled to search the detail of the image to absorb the unreal scene.


SECOND PLACE - WILDLIFE "DEEP SNOW" (photo and caption by Jonas Beyer) A few miles from Qaanaaq (Thule), Greenland, I was hiking in search of musk oxen when I saw a group of them. This ox was running hillside in deep snow, which exploded underneath it. I was lucky enough to be at the right spot to see them frolicking, and I watched them closely for about an hour. I love photographing musk oxen against the wintry landscape: They’re very tough Arctic survivors. This photo shows their beauty and power—and the snow they deal with for about eight months of the year.


SHORTLIST PEOPLE - "HAVE A BREAK" (photo and caption by Lee Shing Yaw) The makers of the fish traps at the old traditional house in Thu Sy trade village, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam ensures that the fishing industry is kept alive while the traditional way of capturing the fishes ensures the sustainability of their livelihood.


SHORTLIST PLACES - "ARTERIAL CONNECTIONS" (photo and caption by Sarah Zahno) Shot from the open door of a helicopter fyling high over saline evaporation ponds. The ponds vibrant colours area result of different concentrations of micro-organism. These vary according to the season and the relative salinity, leading to sublime colour variations.


SHORTLIST PEOPLE - "THE PANELA MAN" (photo and caption by Catie Allen) An afternoon with blackboard coffee learning the delicate process of milling panela. each piece of cane is hand cut to ensure the quality of the panela.


SHORTLIST PEOPLE - "FISHERMAN & MAGICAL PATTERNS BY NATURE" (photo and caption by Prasad Ambati) Water flowing back from the mountain into the sea makes amazing patterns on the red soil. and when the light is right, they look so amazing. Shot from a bridge in xiapu, a fishing village in china, while the fishermen group walking along to the sea.


SHORTLIST PEOPLE - "TOFU WORKER 2" (photo and caption by Angiolo Manetti) One of the phases of the tofu working process, a very widespread food in most of the Far East. Assist and capture all the moments of the work and above all the people (there were two in all) who were the active part of this process, their faces, the repetitiveness of movements learned by heart, their fatigue was for me at the same time interesting and great teaching (Java, Indonesia)

SHORTLIST PEOPLE - "A NEW CHALLENGE" (photo and caption by Alessandra Meniconzi) At the feet of the Altai mountain, that I met the Berkutchi, which in Kazakh language means “hunters with Golden Eagle”. They are men that with extreme patience and dedication have domesticated to their advantage the different qualities of the Eagle. The raptor, with its untamable courage, its fast flying abilities, acute vision and hearing capabilities has become man’s hunting companion that cannot be substitute. But this boy after train his eagle decide to try to domesticate two chick hawk.


SHORTLIST PEOPLE - "REPLANTING RICE IN ISAAN" (photo and caption by David Van Driessche) We followed a family in Isaan that was replanting rice seedlings in a flooded paddy, here the father is moving them to have more space to grow to full maturity.


SHORTLIST PEOPLE - "THE SHEPHERD FROM TRANSYLVANIA" (photo and caption by Eduard Gutescu) On the Carpathian mountains in the region of Bran village I found this authentic shepherd. His name is Nea DAN. It was a real joy to listen to his life story as a shepherd.

SHORTLIST PLACES - "FLY OVER TRANSYLVANIA PARADISE" (photo and caption by Eduard Gutescu) Fundatura Ponorului is a remote village from Transylvania in the Carpathian mountains where people have been living in harmony with nature for hundreds of years. The main activity is animal breeding. The hay gathering is the main activity that takes place during the summer and is the main source of food for animals during winter time.


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