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Food is the New Fashion: D&G S/S '12 | Gallery
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Food is the New Fashion: D&G S/S '12 | Gallery

The iconic lifestyle guru Martha Stewart stated: "Food is the new fashion". And her words have just been transformed into facts - or better, clothes

By FDL on


A few months ago, as the Fall/Winter 2011 New York Fashion Week was approaching, Martha Stewart wrote a - now famous - article in the Huffington Post in which she said: «As a professional cook, cookbook author and teacher, I have a noticed a shift in the role that food plays in our lives and in our culture. Food has become more than one of life's great pleasures. It has become a signifier of style, too. (...) Chefs are as celebrated as designer (...) and eating and entertaining have become haute couture: Food is the new fashion.»

And this last weekend in Milan, at a distance of six months and 4,028 miles, Dolce&Gabbana presented a Spring/Summer 2012 collection that was a hymn to (Italian) food: pasta and produce prevail on bags, earrings and are featured in the nostalgic, '50s-inspired prints. From bowtie pasta to onions, to rigatoni to aubergine, all shown against the soundtrack of Sofia Loren singing Mambo Italiano. As designer Stefano Gabbana said, «The spirit here is to enjoy your life - very Italian.» 

The circle seems to have closed, and it's no surprise that the designer to meet this challenge ended being Italian (actually, two Italians).  Nevertheless what Martha Stewart wrote now appears to be a kind of prophecy, in the literal sense. So, what's next?


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