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Massimo Spigaroli's Guinea Fowl with Culatello

Massimo Spigaroli's Guinea Fowl with Culatello

Massimo Spigaroli, well-known culatello taste keepers, shared with FDL this flavourish way of using it, pairing it up with a guinea fowl

By FDL on

Massimo Spigaroli is not only a famous culatello master, as you can watch in our exclusive documentary. He's also a Michelin-starred chef, that shared with Fine Dining Lovers one of his recipes: don't miss culatello served with guinea fowl.

First, a premise: using culatello in cooking means that part of its flavour will be lost. If you aren’t going to enjoy it on its own, therefore, I suggest you take advantage of it by using it to add flavour to a dish. For example, a pairing of guinea fowl and culatello is a very significant local meal: thanks to the culatello, the guinea fowl becomes “noble”.


A guinea fowl
Strolghino, a particular cold cut that comes from the regions of Parma and Piacenza, and is obtained from the lean parts of the culatello.

De-bone the guinea fowl, leaving the bones of the thighs and wings. Fill it with a stuffing made from strolghino  and re-shape it into its original form. Cover the guinea fowl with slices of culatello and rosemary. Wrap it in oven paper and then cover it in a layer of clay, which you’ve already rolled out with a rolling pin as though it were dough. Bake it in the oven until the clay hardens. At that point, break open the outer shell of hard clay, cutting it with a knife and remove the guinea fowl, which is ready to eat. 

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