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Back to Nature: Magnus Nilsson's Faviken

Chef Magnus Nilsson speaks on the grounds of his restaurant, the Faviken, about his back to nature cooking techniques and menus

By FDL on

An exclusive insight into Magnus Nilsson's philosophy behind Faviken - his restaurant in Northern Sweden. The experience is one-of with fresh products from the state and a creative system to cook around them.

The Swedish chef, head of the Faviken since 2008, believes that eating at Faviken is an experience that cannot be reproduced anywhere else. It is not just the rural atmosphere and dim lights he is talking about, not the 12-seaters private dining room. Nilsson is pointing out a simple fact: if you cook using local produce, your cooking strictly belongs and is tied to the nature of the place.

Because of the local climate over the winter, efforts are made to preserve ingredients. They have to say goodbye to fresh ingredients on the first of October, and then won't see them again until April. 

Set on a 24,000 acres hunting estate, the Faviken offers a strong culinary tradition and creation, aside from being world's 50 best restaurants list at number 34 - the award sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.

Almost a wine writer, food photographer, first experienced at the L'Astrance and L'Arpège in Paris, Magnus Nilsson went back to nature to discover what he was meant to do, and where, of course.

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