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Liz Wolfe Photography: Interview and Pictures Gallery
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Liz Wolfe Photography: Interview and Pictures Gallery

Sweetness, cruelty and nonsense. An explosion of colorful candies with a hint of grotesque. Enjoy the amazing pictures gallery by Liz Wolfe on FDL

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Liz Wolfe is renowned for her photography that manages to juxtapose cheerful, girly colours and just a hint of the grotesque, for an utterly unique and striking style. She describes her work as «part sci-fi, part crime scene and part candy explosion».

Among a sprinkle of sugar and a handful of candy, you’ll find an octopus tentacle or a lifeless bunny. There’ s always food, but it appears in a rather macabre context and may even disturb you if you stare at the image for too long. This is the world of Liz Wolfe – photos and food – and ten questions. Here are her answers.

Liz, what is the first taste you remember, and why? 
I remember the taste of the donuts my babysitter made for my me and my brothers in her basement apartment. Watching the dough puff up when it was placed in the oil was truly a magical experience. 

Something you always have in your fridge? 
Coffee cream. And film! 

Can you share an eating experience tied to the most incredible taste of your life? 
The most incredible taste of my life was the rice I ate from a take-out container after spending 24 hours giving birth to my first son. 

What would food would you happily die eating? 
Home-cooked meals with my family.

What’s the ultimate taste? 

The first picture you took? 
Was probably a snapshot of a family member. 

The first “real” photocamera you had
I've only ever had one camera, a Mamiya RZ67.

When a picture hits the mark? 
When I feel calm, which is a rarity for me. 

If your photography were a dish, which one would it be? 
I don't know, but I definitely wouldn't want to eat it! 

Make a wish: who or what you’d like to portrait? 
I'd like to photograph foods that are eaten on other planets.

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