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Lauren Hillerbrandt: The Perfection in Flaws
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Lauren Hillerbrandt: The Perfection in Flaws

Interview with young Dutch food photographer Lauren Hillerbrandt on her very intriguing food settings.

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A photographer from The Netherlands, Lauren graduated in Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. Since then she has been focusing on stills, mainly with food as the subject. The objects she uses (such as food) have a decorative value for their shape and color. Daily objects are reinvented, their purpose and meaning changes in a different setting or context. Last year she was published in some really nice books which you can still order online - Its Nice That Annual 2012 - 'High Touch, Tactile Design and Visual Exploration'. 

Lauran exhibited in New York, Plymouth (UK) and Amsterdam.  FDL caught up with the artist for a quick interview.

The subject of your first photo?
I can't remember what my actual first photo was. My father was very much into it since I was little, so I guess my first photo was taken with his camera. This was probably a photo of a random lizard in a tree on one of our holidays in Spain. My first photo series for the at academy was my interpretation of the tale 'Vrouw Holle'.

Most incredible taste?
Honeydew melon.

Something you always have in your fridge?
Things that actually don't belong in the fridge like banana's, apples, avocado's and oranges. But I like them cold. Also cheese of any kind, ketchup and rice milk.

The perfect taste?
Roasted beets, sweet potato and parsnip with soft creamy goat cheese and honey.

Which is your favorite food subject?
I get most inspired by plain ingredients, no dishes. I like it that you cannot adjust them to perfection, like a human model. They are what they are, and they are perfectly imperfect like that. I especially love to work with fruit and vegetables because of the diversity of colors and shapes.

An anecdote about your work with food?
Not much of an anecdote, but lots of times I found some leftover fruit and veggies from photo shoots in my studio, all rotten and dead. Finally got where that awful smell came from.

The most appetizing photo you've taken?
Because I don't take photo's of actual dishes, I wouldn't say any of my photo's are appetizing. But I'm guessing everyone thinks my Fruit Porn series is very luscious.

The dish to die for? Why?
I once ate a perfect melanzane alla parmigiana in this little restaurant in Amsterdam. It seems so simple, but all my attempts failed. I also love roasted chicken and spaghetti puttanesca.

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