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Krista Van Der Niet: Food seen as Objects through the Lens

Krista Van Der Niet: Food seen as Objects through the Lens

Meet Krista, a food photographer with an eye for perfection and a keen attention to unusual combinations

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Opposites attract, or they do on Krista Van Der Niet’s  photographic set: different food elements taken out of context and put together by the magnetic essence of colours, and a perfect lighting technique.

The result is something you absolutely want to touch and eat. “I want to show objects in a refreshing context, they can loose their meaning, give new associations, make you wonder and think. The border between realistic and artificial, photography and sculpture, old and new, human being and object, is what fascinates me."

An example of this is the eggplant, its purple surface changes under Krista’s camera, a close-up that gives it a different dimension of its own, the connection with men is very clear, especially with the sock and the still-life: intriguing and muse-like.

FDL asked Krista some questions:

If you were a dish, which one would you be? 
Something easy and minimal but with an explicit great taste like a ‘Pasta-pesto’.

What's the first taste you remember?
Pistachio-icecream was my favourite when I was a kid, it still reminds me of summer and holidays.

The most incredible taste experience you had in your life?
The best fresh bruschetta EVER, on a hot afternoon in Turin (Italy).

Something you always have in your fridge?
Yoghurt !

The perfect taste?
A fresh baked sweet pie accompanied by a cup of coffee.

Your first camera? The subject of your first photo?
Camera: Nikon FE2 Subject: My student-room Is there a metaphor in your food pictures? I want to show the beauty of daily-life, freeze time, and take a pause; things can be so much more than they only seem, if we take a better look at it. We often tend to overlook things.

How do you know a food photo is valid and well executed?
When I am satisfied, and when it makes sense to me, but that can take days...

Is there a difficult photo you will want to take?
I attached an extra photo of mine! You see a big fish stuck in a wine-glass, it looks easy but is was very hard to get it right, the fish (red snapper) was heavy and difficult to bend, I couldn’t use much pressure otherwise the fragile glass would break. Another quite difficult photo was the the ‘Cola’-photo.  It is a combination of dropping Mentos (the small sweets) in a bottle of Coke, that causes a chemical reaction, which results in huge pressure in the bottle so it makes a fountain of Coke ! The fountain only lasts for a couple of seconds, then the bottle is empty, so you have to make the photo in the exact right time.

The dish to die for?
A perfectly cooked risotto !


*Krista van der Niet was born in 1978 in (the) Netherlands. She lives and works in Amsterdam. Graduated in photography at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2002. Since then working in the applied and autonomous field of photography.

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