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A Tasty Trip to Japan

A Tasty Trip to Japan

Get ready to watch a true foodies adventures as the previous S.Pellegrino Young Chef winners head to Japan for a trip of tasty discovery.

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Japan is home to some of the most deep rooted food traditions in the world, everything, from sushi to ramen, comes with intrinsic links to culture, history, to artisan and artistic approaches. Even buying and giving a piece of fruit as a gift in Japan comes with deep significance and spending one’s life in pursuit of food perfection is a pursuit that’s encouraged: just think back to Jiro Ono and his day-by-day dedication to improving his sushi little by little.

With all this in mind, Fine Dining Lovers were recently invited to attend a delicious trip in Japan after the 2018 S.Pellegrino Young Chef winner Yasuhiro Fujio, invited previous winners Mark Moriarty and Mitch Lienhard for a culinary trip of exploration.

In the videos below, you can watch as the young chefs travel to different areas to discover a number of different food process. From Ayu fishing to soy sauce production, delicious tastings and a chance to experience the traditional Shojin buddhist cuisine, watch as the young chefs discover Japan together.

First up the chefs go fishing for Ayu, a very special fish in Japanese cuisine. 

Watch the chefs as they learn about traditional methods of soy sauce production. 

For the final episode, the chefs travel to Shukubo in Koya San, a traditional inn for monks. 


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