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Night Grape Harvest with Donnafugata: Sicilian Wine Taste Keeper

A night time grape harvest in Sicily as FDL meet the makers of the famous Sicilian wine label, Donnafugata. Watch their nocturnal grape harvest in this video.

By FDL on

In love with her native Sicily, whose land she describes as a “rich and generous”, José Rallo has managed to make her company, Donnafugata, into much more than just a renowned name among sommeliers and wine lovers.

The label’s tradition of harvesting its grapes by moonlight in order to best capture the aromas that have matured in the extreme heat of the Sicilian sun, is one of the “contradictions” that gives the Chiarandà wine its “extraordinary” character. This year makes no exception: the night of August 10th the moonlit harvesting of the Chardonnay will be streamed live from the Donnafugata estate at Contessa Entellina.

Donnafugata has also realized its long time dream of creating an underground cellar, which manages to keep the wine at optimum temperatures and ideal humidity during the ageing process. And with thirty different kinds of wooden barriques, the perfect combinations between wood and grape variety can be achieved.

Watch the video above and enjoy a unique night grape harvest!

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