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Italian Culinary Road Trip: Sardinia

Italian Culinary Road Trip: Sardinia

Discover Italy through the eyes of a fine dining lover, start by visiting the gorgeous Sardegna island, and learn how to make one of its delicacies.

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Costa Smeralda (the Emerald Coast) is more than just a place for the Italians: it’s a lifestyle. This 55-mile coastline is the destination of choice for the international jet set; it’s where they come to play in the summer and enjoy the most breathtaking beaches in Italy. Meet your friends in Porto Cervo and stroll towards the sea to admire the sublime shades of green and blue: this is one sight you’ll never forget. The local specialities are equally hard to resist: pane carasau is an absolute must. Its super crispy thin sheets offer a taste bud explosion and go perfectly with Sardinian cheeses or with the local honey.

Oristano has a vital relationship that is part of everyday life: the rapport between shepherds and their flocks of sheep. All the cheeses and ricotta are made from ewes' milk and range from very spicy to sumptuosly sweet. Explore the historic town centre, visit the Sartiglia museum, and then head north-west to the Sinis Peninsula in search of the white quartz beaches that remain cool underfoot even in the midday sun.

Pane Carasau (Carasau bread) has something in common with the marvellous area where it is traditionally found, Costa Smeralda: they are both always completely incomparable. Pane carasau is a thin sheet of flatbread that stays super crispy for days on end and always seems to be freshly baked. A bit like Costa Smeralda, which thrills and delights 24/7: the most beautiful sea in Italy takes your breath away by day and its vibrant social scene turns up the heat by night.

Carasau bread recipe: here is the recipe to make Carasau recipe.

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