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Chef Marco Stabile: "Florence Is A Crispy Lampredotto Sandwich"

Chef Marco Stabile: "Florence Is A Crispy Lampredotto Sandwich"

An interview with the Tuscan chef at Ora D'Aria restaurant, in Florence, about regional culinary tradition and local ingredients

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Marco Stabile is chef at the Michelin starred Ora D'Aria restaurant in the center of Florence, just few steps far from the Arno river.

Fine Dining Lovers interviewed him to better understand which is the relationship between the Tuscan territory, local ingredients and culinary tradition.

How does territory influence your style of cuisine?
The ingredients of this territory make up the foundation of our entire cuisine. It’s important for us to transmit the sensations we experienced when we were younger, enjoying and following our family’s traditions. We do this in a new way, a current way, respecting today’s focus on health and the flavors that are relevant to our era.

What local ingredient could you not live without, and why?
Extra-virgin olive oil is the traditional taste of my homeland, and accompanies everything here. If you know how to use oils, they are excellent taste conduits.

Using the recipe you’re sharing with out readers as an example, the Sandwich with Lampredotto, how have you combined tradition and innovation in this dish?
The tradition comes in the cooking of the lampredotto, or cow’s stomach, in a richly spiced vegetable broth. The innovation comes when we enclose the meat into bread, and then fry it. It becomes so crispy and flavorful and so easy to eat.

Which of your recipes best expresses your connection with the territory, and why?
Well, there are many. But one is called L'uovo, le uova, la gallina: riti della nonna Toscana (The Egg, Eggs, The Hen: Rituals of the Tuscan Grandma). This dish tells stories about lunches at my grandmother’s, when the whole family would get together and enjoy these extraordinary aromas and tastes. I brought all of them into a single dish, as well as some of her post-War stories. And she’s 93 and still takes care of her vegetable garden!


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