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Italian Culinary Road Trip: Parma and Pavia

Italian Culinary Road Trip: Parma and Pavia

Travel through Italy thanks to our guide. This time we take you to Pavia and Parma for a taste of that region.

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Parma is a fabuluos town in Emilia Romagna, Northern Italy. It was founded by the Etruscans, later being ruled and fought over by different cultures. As a result of this, Parma can now be considered an open air museum with 330 examples of cultural heritage, 34 archaeological and 296 architectural sites.

When you visit Parma you can feast your eyes with the city's cathedral, one of the finest example of Romanesque style in Italy. The breathtaking cupola is decorated with a fresco by Antonio da Correggio. The pink marble of the Baptistery will make you crave some delicious soft Parma ham. Savour it with a slice of melon for a taste of ultimate beauty.

Further North you can stop by Pavia, another great culinary destination. Pavia retains the same aspect it was once given by noble families with ties to Milan and easily connected to the town by a system of navigable canals. Pavia is an amphibious area that has developed from the coexistence of land and water, a symbiosis clearly visible in the surrounding landscape in the spring with miles of paddy fields like large rectangular lakes, inundated  by the constant sound of croaking fogs.

And here is a recipe for fried frogs:

Fried frogs are one of Lombardy's very famous, delicious and also slightly exotic specialities: not everyone fancies eating frogs! The ingredients are few but essential: a group of friends, good wine and a mountain of fried frogs, because one you've overcome your initial wariness, you won't be able to get enough of them.

The only problem with making these at home is finding the ingredients: you'll need to ask a reputable supplier and also ask him to clean and skin the frogs and remove the legs as they are the best bit. From here on it's easy: just dip the frog legs in flour and then fry in lots of very hot olive oil. Serve with a fresh salad of finely sliced fennel and a glass of sparkling white wine.

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