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Italian Culinary Road Trip: Palermo and Cefalù

Italian Culinary Road Trip: Palermo and Cefalù

Travel through Italy thanks to our guide. This time we take you to Palermo and Cefalù for a taste of that region.

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Palermo is the largest city in Sicily: a splendid city full of intriguing contradictions overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and conveniently positioned on a plain called the Conca d'oro (Golden Basin) because of the citrus fruit trees that give the landscape its picturesque color.

A true southern belle, the city of Palermo has so much to offer: firstly its magnificent architectural heritage. Admire the splendid art nouveau metropolitan villas, the ancient cathedral, Byzantine churches and baroque buildings. Don't forget to visit Palermo's markets, like the world famous markets of Vucciria, immortalised by Guttuso in his paintings, and Ballarò. Palermo is all this and tons more. If you want one last gift from the city remember to try the typical dish Piscialoru.

Roughly 44 miles from Palermo is a stunning rock formation on the northern coast of Sicilia, and beneath this rock lies the small town of Cefalù. Even time has slowed down in the town's narrow streets, which are paved with shingle from the beach and limestone from the rock: everyone who comes here takes life at a slower pace.

Here you can enjoy long walks on the beach, spend entire afternoons blissfully losing yourself in conversation, and then meet up with friends for an evening in the Piazza della Basilica. If you go to Cefalù, do as locals do and leisurely saunter through the historic town center and take time to try one of the tradition fish dishes or the Arancini.

You can try making Palermo's famous Piscialoru at home with this recipe.

Recipe for Piscialoru

Piscialoru are sardines stuffed with toasted breadcrumbs, pine nuts and raisins that are rolled up and baked in the oven. A delicious combo of textures and flavors.

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