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Interview with Nicky from Nicky and Max
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Interview with Nicky from Nicky and Max

Meet the two minds behind the amazing food photos of the blog Nicky&Max, find out what inspires them and view their work

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Nicky is a photographer from London who moved to Berlin to ignite her photography spark. It's in Berlin that she met Max, a chef and food stylist. Together they've started working on a project, find out more on Nicky&Max's website and read our interview:

If you were a dish, which one would you be?
I am a minimalist so something simple,paired down, rustic and wholesome. Spinach on rye toast with a poached egg.

What's the first taste you remember?
Minimilks...for those who don't know, small ice creams given to children that, at the time, were considered not quite as unhealthy as everything else you could find in the Ice cream freezers.

Which is your favorite food topic?
Anything with a story, I don't get to shoot enough of them. I like tyng the food to landscapes, people and places. If I do Mushrooms, I want to photograph the landscape where they grow. If I do goats cheese, I want to photograph the farm and animals. Homemade pasta, I want to photograph the person making it.

The most appetizing photo you've taken?
Thats really hard, but based on the relationship between eye taste and memory, for me, we did a picture of a salted caramel sauce/dip just before Christmas. The sticky sauce Max had made was designed to be homemade and then given as a gift or served up for Christmas. Needless to say, it tasted amazing. Whenever I see the images, it reminds me of how sweet, buttery and salty the dip was in a really old fashioned, decadent, no modern additives kinda way. My favourite picture from the shoot was a serving suggestion Max made for using it to sandwich little biscuits together. The sauce was a little runny and I got this shot of it oozing out from between two biscuits with a bottle of milk behind (I also love milk). The shot is both cute and stylish and a little retro and the memory of how the dish tasted makes me salivate just looking at it.

Something you always have in your fridge?
Nothing special in my fridge, but in my cupboard I always have a tin of chickpeas, instant low GI lunch. I also really value great Salt and have a couple of good varieties at any one time. In my freezer, frozen peas are a staple. They can be added to so many things or can be a meal in themselves .

The dish to die for?
Bouillabaisse, I would travel the world for a decent fish soup. So hard to find a really good one and beyond my abilities to make one.

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