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13 Inspiring Food Blogs to Follow
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13 Inspiring Food Blogs to Follow

Find out which blogs are setting the trend when it comes to food blogging which is growing more and popular on the web

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Food is one of the most popular blogging topics these days - and it’s not all about restaurant ratings or yummy recipes! A fresh community of food fanatics is revolutionising the meaning of food porn, spreading visual and written food sensation across the Internet. From art to palatability, from information to provocation, each author serves his own interests and presents an individual point of view. In this new era of culinary blogging, only one thing is sure: ingredients, style and execution are the elements that define success.

Single purpose food blogs have often gained tons of publicity: in the past, the now inactive microwhat and scandybars  have generated an Internet phenomenon. Jon Chonko’s scanwiches became so popular that it even attracted the attention of the James Beard foundation and gave birth to a homonymous book published by Random House. Scanwitch has been inactive since last November, but then came fatandfuriousburger, the blog of two French graphic designers who each week dedicate their Friday lunch breaks to re-imagine a fast food classic: the Big Mac.

In the past few months their lavish, glamorous set-ups have been attracting several clicks. On the other side of the Atlantic selleckwaterfallsandwich became popular through a collection of humorous collages that resemble waterfalls, sandwiches and the actor Tom Selleck, all in one picture. One of the most long-living blogs around dealing with food aesthetics is feastingneverstops. Its author, Naz Sahin, is mentioned across the web as a New York based graphic designer of Turkish origins. The colorful, personal portfolio of Dan Cretu is full of pop, food inspired still lives like cameras made of mandarins and tapes stuffed with minced meat. Very little is known instead of The Food Junk, a junk food veteran from Florida who analytically reviews some of the most iconic (or bizarre) junk food in circulation. I Like Asian Food with its manga-inspired, rainbow snapshots is a must-see for oriental junk food lovers. In the contemporary culinary blogging landscape, not everything is frenzy: Cereal magazine’s celebrates the same neat aesthetics of the printed edition. UCLA’s takes a scientific view over the things we eat. And frenchcuisse the online recipe diary of William Matthew Valle, the 19-year old restaurant management student from Montreal, has generated a sensation with its minimal styling and so-simple recipes. In the field of gastronomic literature, Ruth Bourdain’s comfortmewithoffal has been one of 2012’s most curious food blogging cases. With almost 65,000 followers on twitter, Ruth has become a food writing phenomenon advocated by the likes of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. The true name of Ruth, who recently published a book and won a James Beard Foundation Award for humor in food writing, is still unidentified.

Several well known chefs and writers from Alice Waters to Village Voice’s Robert Sietsema, have been credited for being the authors of this sparkling gastronomic parody. Talking of recognized culinary authors, Anthony Bourdain's tumblrMomofuku and Helen Hollyman's ulookhungry also run their own must-follow blogs for food fanatics. Start clicking! 




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