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Chef Aizpitarte Meets Chef Cedroni

Italian chef Moreno Cedroni welcomes French chef Inaki Aizpitarte to his hometown of Senigallia, in Marche region

By FDL on

After many visits to his Paris restaurants La Famille and Chateaubriand, Italian chef Moreno Cedroni finally welcomes French chef Inaki Aizpitarte to his restaurant in Senigallia, La Madonnina del Pescatore, where he offers his colleague a particular and symbolic welcome.

While they may differ in their menus and presentations, both chefs recognize in the other many similar qualities that tie them together: a penchant for hard work, fairness, confidence and a dreamer’s approach to food.

Cedroni gives Aizpitarte full access to his kitchen, his menu, his seaside hometown and his preserves factory. And FDL comes along too. Don’t miss this rare chance to see how one chef welcomes another.

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