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9 Trends and 19 Dishes from Identità Golose 2015 | Gallery
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9 Trends and 19 Dishes from Identità Golose 2015 | Gallery

A look back at Identità Golose as some of the World's Best Chefs reflect on 2015 with some of their food trend predications. Don't miss also the gallery!

By FDL on

Identità Golose, the three day annual chef congress held in Milan, was yet another wonderful display of a food industry bursting with innovation, exciting ideas and people dedicated to unearthing new discoveries every day. As the chefs slowly filter out of Milan and fly back to their restaurants around the world, we take a look a look back at what a handful of them predicted as upcoming food trends for 2015 during their time at Identità Golose.

Moreno Cedroni
Reducing Waste. How do we arrive there? Being less precise. I want to invite people in my kitchen to be less meticulous and perfectionist. If you want to cut a carrot in a cube, you throw away a lot of edible vegetable. 

Lorenzo Cogo
The next step? The big limit of the restaurant is the actual building so probably lots of chefs are going to be putting wheels on their restaurants.

Sean Brock
Minimalism; nothing on the plate with more flavor that's ever been on the plate.

Brett Graham
Native breeds of animals, the ones that don't need to go indoors in the winter. Most of this information chefs don't know. 

Gianluca Fusto
A 2015 trend for pastry? Back to real taste, not sugar. My dessert "Eleganza" (pineapple, dulce de leche and sweet chilli pepper), presented to Identità Golose 2015, in my opinion, represents this trend. 

Jason Atherton
I see more chefs, and more people, being interested in the journey from when food is grown until when it gets to the table. Restaurants are not only the stars, but also people growing vegetables, hunting and fishing, making wine, producing olive oil. We are a big family. Without producers the chefs wouldn't exist: now the media focus is all about them, but it's totally crazy. 

Giuseppe Rambaldi
Recycling. Something that has always been part of our tradition, but that we have lost in recent years. And, from an economical point of view, it's worth the effort: a good chef is a chef saving money, right?

Enrico Bartolini

I think that we have to embrace the concreteness of taste; very often young chefs that work in my restaurant know better how to use a machine for vacuum cooking, instead of how to cut a piece of meat, they don't have the basic skills of high cuisine, and they don't know traditional flavors.  Recently I fell in love with another trend, but it concerns the service. I like the idea of sharing food, a very oriental way to eat, but not so italian. You have to prepare the right dishes, you can not do it with everything. I’m already doing this in my restaurant in Hong King, but I want to introduce this way to eat also at my restaurant in Milan. 

Cristina Bowerman
I hope we return to direct cooking methods. Fortunately we'are moving far away from cooking methods homologations. Scientific cooking methods, like vacuum, risks to make everything the same. For example, at my restaurant I use barbecue or pressure cooker. Direct cooking help us to make plates different, most special.

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