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Identità Golose 2012 Milan, a Chefs' Congress | Video

Identità Golose 2012: Some of the world's best chefs visit Milan for the annual international culinary congress. A food event also held in London and New York.

By FDL on

Identità Golose is an international congress made up of chefs, restaurants and producers, created by the Italian journalist and food critic Paolo Marchi and just hosted in Milan. The event, organised with the support ofS.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, has rapidly grown into a successful format with some of the world's best chefs demonstrating their cuisine and kitchen styles to thousands of people each year. With congresses in Italy, London and New York (click here for a report from the US edition) it has quickly become a place to discover and sample new trends in high end cuisine before they hit the mainstream.

At this year's congress, in Milan, emerging trends were demonstrated with the inclusion of many chefs from South America. A part of the world food scene currently being placed on the gourmet map thanks to the work of chefs like Gaston AcurioAlex Atala and Rodrigo Oliveira. Held over three days, guests were treated to a number of themed talks.

Presentations centered on pasta, meat and chocolate were the main focus at times while the 'beyond the market' talks hosted by Massimiliano Alajmo,Massimo Bottura and Rene Redzepi, focused on specific ingredients. Particularly, how to respect them and the work involved in the discovery of new tastes, textures and flavors through experimenting in the kitchen.

Chefs and guests smiled throughout as the relaxed atmosphere made for a fun adventure of food discovery. With so many presentations, collaborations and general sharing of ideas - the event is set to remain a must stop visit for both chefs and fine dining lovers alike.

Photo Alessandro Castiglioni / Fabrice Gallina, photo courtesy Identità Golose


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