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Learn How To Cut Vegetables Like A Pro | Video Lessons

Learn How To Cut Vegetables Like A Pro | Video Lessons

Have you always wanted to cut vegetables like a pro? We teamed up with Italy's premier culinary school to capture the techniques chefs use. Watch the videos

By FDL on

Cutting vegetables in an elegant and refined manner is one of the many skills that sets chef apart. A lot of people don't know how to cut vegetables: don't be fooled by fancy French terms like julienne and concassé, cutting vegetables like a pro is within your reach. It's all a matter of learning proper cutting techniques.

In order the help you sharpen your knife skills, Fine Dining Lovers teamed up with ALMA, Italy's premier culinary school. In these exclusive videos, you will learn how to master cutting techniques that chefs use in their professional kitchens.

Watch the videos to learn how to cut vegetables: julienne and dice a carrot, brunoise an onion and concassé a tomato. Before trying your hand at cutting vegetables like a chef, make sure your knife is  sharp. Take notes and practice... soon you will be cutting vegetables like a pro!

Julienne cut: produces thin strips that look like match sticks

Concassé: peel, deseed and chop

How to chop an onion

Dice: produces small cubes

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