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Astro Food 2013: Discover Your Horoscope

Astro Food 2013: Discover Your Horoscope

Astrology speaks clearly: what will happen next year depends so much on your sign and planets as what you eat?

By FDL on

Even the stars know you must eat right to fulfil your destiny. Your zodiacal sign might need the appropriate dish to live up to 2013!

You might know which planets will circle your sign in 2013, which days and months are more fortunate, if ugly Saturn is in your sign, or worst: against you. No need to watch the stars in an attempt to recall the meteorite Mayans have failed to predict. When it comes to astrology, either you were born under a lucky star or else must commit to a life of Greek pathology and drama.

Thankfully there is a cure for all. Read our foodstrology for 2013 to find out which dish can change your destiny and start preparing your potions.

Now a closer look:

Aries - Eat and Drink like a King -
Dear Aries foodies, apparently this is the luckiest year of your life. Congratulations, Saturn is no longer against you. You are still phased by its devastating effects, we advice you hurry and celebrate. Most appropriate menu for 2013: a kick off start to the year with expensive bubbles and an oyster diet all year-round, with your luck you might find a pearl.

Taurus – A Good Old Porridge
Saturn in Scorpio opposes your sign. Dear Taurus, you will not be eating out, that’s for sure. No crazy spending this year, rather unexpected ones. Go with the flow and be as steady in your dining menu as you will be in your finances. Rediscover a grounded and super nutrient porridge. The good thing? You will find love. See? All the healthy nutrients do help in the end.

Gemini - Tuna Carpaccio
Come midnight on January 1st, fish will be swimming against the current just to fall on to your lap. Dear Gemini, you once again confirm your luck: Jupiter will be high in the sky in your sign, sextile with Uranus, the planet of luck. The summer months will be those of love. So you see, you will be swimming with the right fish all year. Try feeding yourself Tuna Carpaccio to stay in tune.

Cancer Cotillon Chocolate Cake – Amazing emotions. Dear Cancer, you will be involved with family and closest friends. If you wanted to eat the cake all by yourself, think twice. Neigh this year. Learn to share. You might want to keep that cake all to yourself with the Spring Equinox and shaky effects on your sign. Trust us, Fall will be rewarding enough, at least emotionally.

Leo Vegetarian Couscous with Peppers -
Sextile between Jupiter and Uranus. Dear Leo, this year will be an exciting year filled with different events. Change is in store. You need to adapt your menu and learn to deal with it. Try new paths and new ingredients. Your task: cooking couscous every week with a different ingredient. It will help cope with change.

Virgo Stuffed Peppers -
The Sun, Mercury and Pluto are in Capricorn. Dear Virgo, a new unexpected stage is starting. You are usually not one for earth shattering surprises, you might need to accompany your voyage into luck with a good traditional meal: stuffed peppers.

Libra – Bruschetta -
Jupiter is your friend. Dear Libra, money will flow and you will look more attractive than usual. Your social life will sky rocket. To keep up with it you need to master canapés and hors d’oeuvres. How about an Italian bruschetta? Don’t count on your second half to make them. Love doesn’t look good for 2013.

ScorpioPizza - Saturn is sitting on top of you. Dear Scorpio, the influence of Saturn might make you retrieve in your shell rather than ask for help. It will be a difficult start of the year, but if you open up a little you might find that special someone in the second half to make things better. When you hide out at home and ask for that pizza delivery, make it two.

SagittariusHuevos Rancheros
Not an exciting start. Bad finances, bad relationships. Dear Sagittarius, don’t worry it will get better come July. You will get the keys to unlock new discoveries thanks to a grand air trine. A spiced-up year that will require all your energies. You need fuel: huevos rancheros.

Capricorn Cold Turkey Wrap -
Work, work, work. Dear Capricorn, start stashing turkey from Christmas leftovers. Finally, June 16th, the Moon will pass into Libra liberating your social life a little. But the year will be marked by your becoming a responsible adult.

Aquarius Salmon Quiche -
February the Moon is in Aquarius helping you with conflict. Dear Aquarius, you will have to make important decisions at work. You need all the Omega-3 you can get. Your preferred lunchbox should be a salmon quiche.

PiscesCheese Casserole
The best is yet to come: in 2014. Dear Pisces, are you wondering when you will move forward? Not this year. Something wonderful will happen in your family, or you might meet someone important for your life, observe a great deal. However, action will not be part of your vocabulary. What could be more fitting than a casserole? Dig and dig it never ends.

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