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Under the lens of Swedish Photographer Gustav Almestål
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Under the lens of Swedish Photographer Gustav Almestål

Swedish food photographer Gustav Almestal gives talks about his favorite foods to eat and photograph with FDL.

By FDL on

Gustav Almestål grew up in Tibro, a small town surrounded by the vast woods in Sweden. Such a place where people say the wind blows and the cold bites. Moulded by the landscape (flashlight and simplicity as a part of his style) he moved to London. There, his interest grew for good food and excellent wine and (as a consequence?) still life. But having a delicate mind, Almestål also developed a deep interest in the decay of mankind and in the beauty of death in a wider sense. These days he divides his time between Stockholm and London.

FDL caught up with the artist for a classic interview:

If you were a dish, which one would you be?
Foie gras.

Something you always have in your fridge?
Yogurt, Simple syrup, Beer.

The perfect taste?

Which is your favorite food subject?

The most appetizing photo you've taken?
The butter image.

The dish to die for?
As simple as perfect, a steak tartare.

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