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Food Trucks: the Gourmet Makeover of a Los Angeles Lunch Break

Food Trucks: the Gourmet Makeover of a Los Angeles Lunch Break

Going out for a snack? Discover all there is to know about best food trucks in Los Angeles.

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In a time when a lot of talented chefs are out of job, nouvelle cuisine does not surrender to the economic crisis, and it reinvents itself in a brand new form: that of chic street style. The ultimate hip lunch idea in LA comes from the “gourmet food trucks” spreading all over town: a limitless range of dishes is freshly prepared every day to offer clients the highest quality, with a creative twist.

The list is endless and ready to satisfy any craving you might have: fresh guacamole for Mexican lovers, and the best sushi for a healthy Japanese diet, the best bakery and deserts freshly made every day and why not, vegan and organic recipes if you’re trying to avoid animal proteins and prefer tofu and soy derived products.

«I was tired of my usual lunch,» Jennifer, a 32-year-old personal assistant says, «I wanted something different, and one day I gave the vegan truck in front of my office a try. I loved their veggie burger with organic fresh lemonade, and this on-wheel experience has now become a weekly must for me. It's less expensive than a restaurant and way more healthy than fast food.» 

If you are not on a diet, and you want to enjoy a sweet treat before going back to your desk and laptop, there are plenty of freshly baked bread and dessert gourmet trucks: «There is something I cannot really resist at the end of my meal, no matter if I am at home or out for work» Jason, a-35-year old lawyer explains, «and that’s why I always pay a visit to the dessert truck in front of my office. They offer one of the best freshly roasted coffee and espresso, as well as old fashioned all-American desserts. My favorite is an old classic: their handmade Red Velvet cupcakes with organic milk and sugar. There’s no better way to get through the end of a busy working day.» 

Food trucks make their stops almost all over town, and every day a new location is added to their schedule; might that be a neighborhood farmer’s market or a business building parking lot, a lot of them have a website, where you can find the location of the day, some of them post their spots on a social network. «The best way to find your favorite food on wheels is Twitter» Aaron, a 45-year-old graphic designer says, «roaming chefs daily tweet every change of location and menu update. Also, many popular restaurants and diners are adding this service to their regular one. This way, if you have a favorite food spot that is too far from where you are, you might be able to grab a bite from their on-wheel version. I think this is awesome!»

Many of these gourmet trucks are eco-friendly also; some of them recycle the vegetable oil they use to cook as a fuel for their vehicle, and their packaging and utensils are made from compostable materials. If exotic food is not your cup of tea, and if you are a nostalgic lover of La Bella Vita style, that brings to mind the picture of a romantic landscape on the Mediterranean Sea, don’t worry, because Italian food and tradition never go out of style. In fact, there are plenty of Bel Paese family chefs on wheels that offer authentic pizza, handmade pasta or eggplant parmesan to-die-for.

These are just few examples of how the food truck revolution is taking over the city of beauty, and the best in town are also gearing up to compete in Season 2 of the TV Food Network’s reality show The Great Food Truck Race. The L.A. celebrity chef Susan Feniger will be the judge in charge, and she will crown the king of the gourmet food trucks in Southern California.

To enjoy an infographic about The Rise of the Social Food Truck click here.

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