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Gourmet Food Boxes Knocking At Your Door

Gourmet Food Boxes Knocking At Your Door

Not only pizza: from France to USA, delivering gourmet products at home is becoming the trend of the moment. Whether you breakfast or apero, here is a food box.

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Delicacies on delivery, delicious foods you can order online, your door bell rings, and there it is, your food box. Once upon a time, your food box wasn’t anything exceptional. Apparently, it’s not the case anymore: there are more and more choices. Finding amazing products is now a fulltime job that opens new business opportunities and makes delivering gastronomy products at home, possible. Selected and refined products, ready to eat.

There are two novelties in this sector: first, the possibility of a membership. Each month you can expect a delicious surprise package delivery with recipes and kitchen utensils to help you cook. In France it’s becoming the trend of the moment: there are about thirty food box memberships you can join for about 25 euros a month. There are more and more blogs treating the argument: the most famous one is Toutes les box, where expert Quentin Caillot reviews them all, to Eat your box where you can create your own box.

The second novelty is: kids are the new target. Check out Surpriz, it targets 0-3 year olds, or Charlie Jasmin, 7-12. Full meals are also big, and you get them ready to serve. If you need to make a great fresh meal in an hour just order: an hour time and they are at your door with “keys in hand”. See Les Commis: for 20 euros you can get recipes and ingredients for recipes created by chef Yann Tanneau of the restaurant Opéra Garnier. Or Kitchen Trotter specialized in ethnic menus, or the pioneer Cookit.

In the States, especially on the East Coast, it’s a boom. According to the NPD, researching the food market, 8% of American meals have been prepared outside the home, in 2013. Only 65% of women and 39% of men cook at least a meal per day. Those operating in the ready-to-cook sector must rejoice (commonly it’s a weekly thing, with ingredients and detailed recipes), see Blue Apron, HelloFresh (also present in the UK) and Plated (in the picture at the top of the page): each week, 7 chef-designed recipes are featured on the menu. The dishes include 4 healthy meat & fish options and 3 vegetarian dishes.

The American market is pushing towards ready—meals – yes, fresh and made by a chef – delivered instantly to people’s doors. See Personal Chef to go, founded by two chefs: easier to make than frozen food, available in three versions (Busy Singles; Couples on the Go and Family Favorites) following a healthy nutrition standard, with pricing comparable to that you get at the supermarket; orders for the week must be place before midnight on a Monday. You can also check Dine in 2Nite, it a franchise offering monthly packages of three to five meals a week for 10 dollars plus taxes. Magic Kitchen is another one: in only seven years it expanded from California to all 50 States.

Not just lunches or dinners: any hour of the day is good to order fresh food wherever you want. Here are just some food box examples: from the Roman and romantic breakfast for two Buongiorno Amore, to the French aperitif to be enjoyed on a Parisian bench and delivered in just 45 minutes using the app’s Gps.

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