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Bompas&Parr with Zoo-as-Zoo for the first glowing ramen bar

Bompas&Parr with Zoo-as-Zoo for the first glowing ramen bar

The ultimate experience for ramen addicted in Atlanta, Georgia: at Lumen Bar you can enjoy glowing dishes and beverages. Take a look!

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Have you ever imagine to eat glowing ramen?

Here you go with the world's first glowing ramen bar is actually open in Atlanta, Georgia, thanks to a collaboration between Bompas & Parr and Zoo-as-Zoo.

The pop-up venue's name is Lumen Bar: until 16th February you can just step in, take a seat and enjoy an outstanding experience in your dish or in your glass. The aim of the collaboration, they say, is "to ensure people are exposed to something uniquely novel, that captivates and challenges each of the senses – creating a distinctive memory, both in their mind and on their camera phone".

Three ramen dishes with amazing glowing colors are available: Asahikawa (a crispy chicken skin with tiger prawns), Tsukemen (pork belly and fish cakes) and Yasai (pumpkin and Nori seaweed). These recipes are the result of culinary innovation from Bompas & Parr's development chef that involves carefully balancing Vitamin B2 and quinine with fat and water - a development of the studio's earlier work that has seen the launch of the world's first glowing gelatin dessert chamber for Moma in San Francisco.

At Lumen Bar you can also taste a selection of four Japanese cocktails and one beer: Karma-Kaze (Nigorizake, Akashi Meisei, Cointreau, Umenishiki and Silver Needle Tea), Yuzu Noroi (Honkaku Shochu, Yuzu, Benedictine, Shiso and Basil), Nakamura Arashi (Josen Sake, Cherry Brandy and Coconut Milk, with a cherry blossom mist), Umami no Niwa (Snow Pea, Junmai Sake, St Germain, Ponzu and Celery Bitters, on dashi ice).

From 20th February the experience will move to Paris on Ponce design warehouse.

Below, you can find an amazing selection of glowing dishes and beverages.




All the images Courtesy of Bompas & Parr ©Zoo

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