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Gelinaz! New York 2014: the Movie

Gelinaz! New York - a look at how a gang of the world's best chefs managed to sneak into New York and surprise the American chef Wylie Dufresne.

By FDL on

Gelinaz! New York, supported by S.Pellegrino -  a secret meeting of some of the world’s best chefs, a year and a half of planning, secret emails, strange black and white videos and hours upon hours of kitchen prep.

We broke the news at the beginning of April 2014 that the Gelinaz! chef collective had planned a huge surprise party for the American chef Wylie Dufresne, luring him to his own restaurant under the illusion the electricity had blown and that food was about to perish. Wylie was being honoured, the chefs were in New York to remix his signature dishes, to pay respect to a person they all believe is not recognised enough for his contribution to gastronomy and to throw a party in his name.

We published a short video just after the event showing off the atmosphere from the night but now we're bringing you the whole story. The hunt for Gelinaz! in New York, the chefs, their thoughts, their dishes and a behind the scenes look at how they tricked one of America’s best chefs into thinking their was a disaster in his own restaurant.

This is Gelinaz! New York 2014 - The Movie. Enjoy.

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