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The Future of Food by National Geographic | Gallery
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The Future of Food by National Geographic | Gallery

An exhibition in Rome explores the 'Future of Food' with amazing pictures by National Geographic: find out more and view the gallery with a selection of images.

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The Future of Food is a National Geographic exhibition in Rome, Italy, exploring the main challenges and various problems associated with the future of food: the impact of agriculture and livestock breeding on climate, habitats and forests, the wasting of food and the new face of hunger, as well as the next green revolution.

Hosted at Palazzo delle Esposizioni until 15th March 2015, the exhibition displays over 90 photographs taken throughout the world by the magazine's leading professionals: in the gallery at the top of the page you'll find a selection of their images.

What The Future of Food, National Geographic
When Until the 1st March 2015
Where Palazzo delle Esposizioni, via Nazionale 194, Roma

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